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Watch: Teacher finds nurse’s graduation ring lost in 1982

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Sept. 23 (UPI) — A teacher using his metal detector outside the school where he works in Alberta found a nursing school graduation ring lost by a woman nearly 40 years earlier.

Evan Cappon said he was using his metal detector outside Master’s Academy & College, the school where he works in Calgary, when he found a ring bearing the words “Kingston General Hospital” and the year 1972.

Cappon determined the ring was a nursing student’s graduation ring from the Ontario hospital, and contacted the school for help locating its owner.

Other members of the class of 1972 helped put Cappon in touch with Joy Malcolm, who had lost her ring in 1982.

Malcolm said she was staying in Calgary while her husband was in the military and posted to a military base that no longer exists in the city. She said her son had taken the ring to school with him and believed he had lost it in the playground area, but the family was never able to locate the lost item.

Cappon said the ring is now on its way back to Malcolm, who said she told her son he no longer has to feel guilty for losing the ring.

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